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Transpirenaica Oscense


Puente la Reina de Jaca · Monasterio San Juan de la Peña · Ciudadela de Jaca · Catedral de Jaca · Fiscal · Puente Colgante de Jánovas · Mirador de Janovas · Castillo de Boltaña · Boltaña · Aínsa · Ermita de la Virgen de Gracia · Benasque · Ampriu · Llanos del Hospital

Transversal route that crosses the 4 counties to the north of the province of Huesca, crossing majestic landscapes of the Huesca Pyrenees and populations of great cultural wealth and tradition that is reflected in its architecture and its gastronomy. It is the route with the highest mileage, with fewer curves than other proposed itineraries, but of great scenic value.

Por Huesca – Hautes Pyrénées


Ciudadela de Jaca · Catedral de Jaca · Cueva De Las Guixas · Estación de Canfranc · Candanchú · Le Somport · Parc'Ours · Aydius · Bedous Laruns · Bious Pagayous · Train d'Artouste · Col du Pourtalet · Formigal · Mirador de San Mamés · Parque Faunístico Lacuniacha · Panticosa · Mirador de Hoz de Jaca · Biescas · Balneario de Panticosa

Cross-border route with which you can discover the traditions, uses and customs of both sides of the Pyrenees, as a common space, a joint leisure and tourism offer. The proposed layout is in the shape of a horseshoe, it is feasible to do it in any of the directions, and finish the layout so that it is circular. This is a route of great cultural value that unites traditions and reveals natural treasures.

Pirineos Road Trip


Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña · Gran Cañón de Ordesa · Cañón de Añisclo · Reserva de Neouvielle · Balnéa Spa · Pic du Midi · El Circo de Gavernie · Pont d'Espagne · Santuario de Lourdes

It embarks you to the discovery of a country that has no borders, the Pyrenees. It opens real access routes to exceptional places, grandiose landscapes, unique experiences and unforgettable memories. Route 66, the Silk Road, the Transamazon... they are all over the world, itineraries that have become mythical for reasons linked to the multiple desires of this nomadic animal, Man: to find fortune, paradise, himself, or simply to see the world. With this itinerary, one of those proposed between France and Spain, the Pyrenean «RoadTrip» is of the same fate. It embarks you on the discovery of a "country" that has no borders: the Pyrenees. It opens up real access routes to exceptional places, grandiose landscapes, unique experiences and unforgettable memories.

Parque de Ordesa y Cañón de Añisclo


Broto · Parque Nacional Ordesa · Sarvisé · Fanlo · Vió · Cañón de Añisclo · Buerba · Puyarruego  Escalona · Bielsa

This year the Ordesa Park celebrates 100 years of being declared a National Park and this route through winding paths, imposing landscapes and towns full of Pyrenean tradition, will take you to discover Ordesa in a unique way. When you get to Vió, you will have to choose to go through Buerba, since the HU-631 is cut by landslides. You will not go inside the canyon, but you will travel along a road with an incredible landscape and full of curves.

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