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We have a wide variety of routes and mountain passes for both road cycling and mountain biking, for professionals and amateurs.


Circular Col Aubisque


One of the lesser known circular routes, and no less spectacular for that. Discover the hidden face of the dreaded Aubisque, one of the Pyrenean colossi. A slope of 1198 m, an average slope of 6.92%, and a coefficient of 255, a real challenge on its slope from Laruns.



85,62 km

1965 m





Circular Marie Blanque


With a stretch of the toughest in the central Pyrenees, which always causes differences in the various Tours that have climbed it, it owes its name to Marie Asserquet, a maiden from the Aspe Valley known for her white skin, legend has it. 10 km of port with 715m of unevenness, where most of them are in the last 4 kilometers, terrible wall. We will reach it after crossing a beautiful forest, near Arudy.



53,63 km

1.052 m



Vuelta valle de tena


Discover the best corners of the Tena Valley, through its ports of the Balneario de Panticosa, up to the dreaded Hoz de Jaca. An intense route that will leave no one indifferent.



113,98 km

2665 m



Vuelta tierra de Biescas


Beautiful itinerary through the Land of Biescas, the place where the Tena Valley begins. Ports such as Aso, Yosa or Barbenuta, will make you return to the Pyrenees of before.



71,11 km

1726 m


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